The RadarRight™ radar level instrument emits a microwave pulse from its antenna, which travels at the speed of light to the surface of the medium below. The time-of-flight of the pulse and its reflection back to the instrument location is directly related to the empty distance in the vessel and the material level. The output from the electronics is continuously updated as the level of the material surface changes. The RadarRight radar level instrument uses the proven 26GHz as the transmitting frequency.

RadarRight Series 400 non-contact radar continuous level sensor can be successful for most powder & bulk solids applications in vessels / silos up to 30m, with a measurement accuracy of up to +/-10 mm. Typical Target Materials (but not limited to): Bulk Solids, Granules, Pellets, Flakes, Powders, Cement, Aggregates, Sand, Fly Ash, Chemicals, Fertilizer, Coal, Iron Ore, Metals, Minerals, Feed & Grain, Food Ingredients, Wood, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics.

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Click here to download the RadarRight datasheet: 363r-radarright-s400-cut-sheet-rev2

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