This new website joins the many Schenck worldwide devisions into one “home” and provides extensive information on all of their product lines including:

Industrial Air Filtration, Baghouses, MCF PowerSaver Dust Collectors, AV2 and AV4 Pulse Jet Filters, AVR / AVRC Air Vent Round Pulse Jet Filters, AVS / AVSC Air Vent Square Pulse Jet Filters, Bag Dump Stations, Cleanable Side Entry Receiver (CSER) Cyclone Dust Collectors, Industrial Central Vacuum systems, LST / LSTC Large Square Top Removal Pulse Jet Filters, LVS / LVSC Large Vent Square Pulse Jet Filters, Mac2Flo Cartridge Collectors, Mac PowerHouse MPH Baghouse Dust Collectors, Rectangular Pulse Top Removal (RPT) Pulse Jet Collectors, PoliPleet pleated cartridge filter media, Dyna-Mac felt filter media and MEGABond Filter Media.

Complete Airlock Family including Multi-Duty MD Airlocks, Heavy Duty HD Airlocks, High Pressure HP Airlock, Round Multi-Duty RAM Airlocks, GCA Global Cleanable Airlocks, CMD Airlocks and CHD Airlocks.

E-finity Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems,

MultiDOS DEA Weighbelts, MULTIBELT Belt Weigher, SacMaster Bulk Bag Discharge System, FulFiller high speed loader

AccuRate Series Feeders, Mechatron Coni-Flex Screw Feeders, Mechatron Coni-Steel loss-in-weight feeders, Gravimetric Feeders, Load Cells, DISOCONT Tersus Controllers, DISOMAT Tersus Controllers, INTECONT Tersus controllers. MULTICOR,