Welcome to Western Process Equipment

Covering the four western Canada provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia from two offices in Calgary and Saskatoon, We pride ourselves in representing the top names in our industries. We have selected a gear logo to represent our meshing with both our world class suppliers as well as our customers’ needs. We believe this tight bond is important to successful relationships with both, and it’s what we do here at Western Process Equipment. Since 2008 we have worked hard to develop strong relationships based on our customer service and product knowledge.
Consider our world class suppliers products, including Rotex Screeners, CPM Pellet Mills, CPM Roskamp Champion Hammer Mills and Roller¬† Mills, CPM Beta Raven Control Systems, Schenck Process Dust Collectors, Baghouses, Cartridge Collectors and Airlocks, Schenck AccuRate Gravitational and Volumetric Feeders, Weighbelts, Bulk Bag Unloaders, Bag Dump Stations and Material Handling Systems, Vettertec Dryers, (including Fluid Bed, Flash, Ring & Industrial styles), Lorenz Diverters and Pneumatic Conveying components, Monitor Level Indicators including Paddle, Capacitance, Vibratory, Diaphragm, Radar and Plumb Bob styles, Cablevey Enclosed Conveyance Systems, and BS&B Explosion Venting Isolation and Suppression. Whatever your application, we’re here to assist you with the top brands in the industry to help you pellet it, screen it, dry it, recover it, collect it, reduce it, convey it, divert it, weigh it, measure it…. you name it ! We look forward to working with you.