Upgrade Your Rotex® Screener!

Have you considered the benefits of upgrading your Rotex screener to an APEX™ screener?

   The APEX screener provides the same exceptional Rotex efficiency at a lower operating cost.
   It functions with the precision of a traditional Rotex machine, utilizing Gyratory Reciprocating Motion to provide maximum product recovery.
   The APEX screener is designed for single-operator inspection and maintenance.
   Each APEX screen panel weighs less than five pounds, and the combination of side access doors and individual screen panels allows independent deck access without the need to remove any other components of the machine.

All of this results in increased uptime and reduced handling expense — making the APEX a smart business investment.

To find your exact ROI, call 513-541-1236 to talk to a representative. You can also check out  the benefits of APEX screeners on our website or Youtube page!

APEX Video
APEX Benefits