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Schenck Process (Previously Mac Process) provide a wide variety of material handling products.  Schenck filtration systems offer up to 99.9% efficiency, performance guarantees, 50% energy cost savings, reduced compressed air requirements and more, Mac Process can provide a cost cutting solution to your air quality or dust collection challenge. Mac Process delivers industrial air filtration solutions, which include dust collection, central vacuum systems and integrated explosion protection. Mac’s unique medium pressure (8-10 psig) reverse pulse systems have proven themselves to be ideally suited for the cold temperatures in Western Canada.

Dust Collector Product offerings include:

MCF Medium Controlled Fire Baghouse (THE standard in the Grain Industry), and their very popular point collector, the SpaceSaver. Both the MCF and the SpaceSaver are available with medium pressure air setups, using 8-10 psig air INSTEAD of 60-80 psig sop air, which translates to a HUGE energy cost savings over time. The low pressure air is also ideally suited for cold outdoor Canadian winters, as the lower pressure air needed translates to less moisture in the air, practically eliminating the maintenance nightmare of freeze-ups in the air lines.

Pulse Jet Filters including:

CSER Cleanable Side Entry, AVS Air Vent Square, AVR Air Vent Round, RPT Reverse Pulse Top Entry, LST Large Square Top, Medium Pressure Pulse Jet MPJ, Square Top ST and Round Top RT Pulse Jet Filters, Round Top Cartridge RTC3. All of these models are availabe in styles I II or III with or without hoppers or tube sheets allowing them to be used as Bin Vents.

Cartridge Style Collectors:

Almost all of Schenck’s baghouse offerings are available with cartridges instead of bags, with the addition of the Mac2Flo which is only available as a Cartridge design.

Besides Dust Collection – Schenck Process also offer a complete line of Rotary Airlocks, including round, square or rectangular ports, cleanable versions, high pressure units, heavy duty and custom units.