Cable Disc Conveying Solutions
48 Years in Business
66 Countries Served
900+ Products Moved
30,000+ Conveyors Commissioned
4 System Sizes (2",4",6" & 8") to move products up to 80,000 lbs/hr

The Gentle Way to Move Materials

Gentle Clean Reliable Conveying. Decades of Global Experience. Worldwide Experts in Cable and Disc Conveying Solutions

The majority of our conveyors operate with drive units 5 Horsepower – or less!
For energy-efficient operation our systems are hard to compete against.

Why Cablevey Conveyors?

Low Breakage: Our tube conveyors minimize material breakage and volume loss.

Sanitary Conveying: Our enclosed tube conveyors keep both materials and plant sanitary.

Easy Cleaning: Wet and dry in-tube cleaning options reduce time and resources.

Energy Efficient: The elegant and simple design means lower horsepower motors, lower energy requirements, and less heat generation.

Low Maintenance: Tube conveyors are highly reliable and require little maintenance.

Quiet: Reduced noise results in a better work environment.