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There are a handful of choices for complete Explosion Protection systems available in the market. Most of them involve very expensive quarterly inspections, that need to be performed by the manufacturer. BS&B systems are so simple, and safe to handle, that 3 of the 4 quarterly inspections are normally done by the end user. This provides a VERY significant reduction in the total cost of ownership.

Common industrial processes have the potential for a dust explosion. Where combustible material is conveyed, filtered, heated, milled, or sprayed in a fine powdered form, the three elements of the ‘explosion triangle’ can combine: dust + air + ignition. When these occur in a confined and unprotected process volume with the dust dispersed, a deflagration can trigger resulting in an immediate overpressure and flameball.

An explosion risk assessment will typically recommend that a ‘series of protection measures be implemented ranging from improvements in housekeeping to investment in protection equipment. Applying protection technology requires that the constraints of the process equipment, building facilities, environment and budgets are taken into account in achieving the level of personnel safety required by codes and standards.

Flexibility is provided by BS&B’s proven range of protection technology that includes explosion venting, explosion suppression, a choice of chemical & mechanical systems for the isolation of interconnected process equipment and spark detection & extinguishing equipment to manage a source of both dust explosion ignition and fire.

Western Process Equipment have staff with over 20 years experience with some of the major explosion protection system providers. Our experience spanning all product offerings is unique in the industry, and allows us to provide an insight unmatched by any other company. Give us a call with your application concerns today.