Pneumatic Conveying
Dense Phase
Dilute Phase
Vacuum Conveying
Pneumatic Injection

Dense phase pneumatic conveying systems operate below the minimum suspension velocity and are characterized by product moving along the bottom of the pipe in slugs or a moving bed.

Common applications for dense phase systems include:

  • Products with heavy bulk-densities
  • Abrasive products, such as sugar
  • Friable products, such as Canola Seed and carbon black prills
  • Blended products, such as detergents
  • Products that do not require continuous delivery to their destination, such as plastic pellets

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems meter solid products for suspension in a moving air stream. Most materials can be conveyed using dilute phase.

Changeovers are simplified, because a fixed dilute line size can convey different rates of product. Simple control schemes manage your dilute phase processes.

Products commonly conveyed in dilute phase systems include grains, flours, resins and compounds, specialty chemicals, ground feeds, and granular and pelletized products.

Pressure, vacuum, combination vacuum/pressure and vacuum sequencing are the common types of dilute phase systems.